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Yes!!! My Sigma 400mm lens arrived today! Wahoo!

I’ll post some pictures soon!

Powerbook for $200?

This made me chuckle, stupid crack heads!

Push the button

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’ve just found that the new Chemical Brothers album, Push the Button, due out late January (I think) has been released on BitTorrent.

For legal reasons, I’m not downloading it. But I am egerly awaiting the release of this album, especially since I’ve heard “Electronic Battle Weapon 7” and “Galvanize” from it.

It’s a shame to see such an anticipated album being released on the internet before the actual CD is released. This has happened on nearly every other album I’ve bought this year, Palookaville – Fatboy Slim, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned – The Prodigy etc.

Saying that though, some major BitTorrent sites have also been threatened with legal action (and some taken out). The biggest,, was taken down vollentarily by its owner to avert legal action. The biggest now is probably TorrentSpy, which is where I found this Chemical Brothers torrent.

It seems what began as a blog wishing you a Happy New Year’s Eve, has turned into a discussion about BitTorrent sites. I’ll post some links later.


  • I found an intresting interview with the administrator from LokiTorrent about why he is fighting the MPAA and RIAA.

The weakest few

I noticed a old school colleague, Tom Godbold, on The Weakest Link today, so I’d though I’d record it and post it for all to see :). He got voted out in the second round too, hehe.

Sorry, I was too lazy to get more than one screen grab.

Note: you must be a resident of the UK paying a license fee at the time of its broadcast to download/view this clip. You will also need an MPEG 4 decoder. Such as DivX or XviD. It is encoded in XviD, but viewable with most standard MPEG 4 decoders.

Tsunami Relief

The estimated death toll has now risen to nearly 70,000 120,000. I thought it would be appropriate to share a few ways you can help and get more information.

The links are from Google’s page on Tsunami Relief.

Big and Fat…

I just saw “The Big Fat Quiz of the Year” on Channel 4, and to be honest, it was pretty mediocre to be honest, but there was a great joke towards the end.

Why was the BNP Christmas party a disaster? They were hoping for a white Christmas.

If you really want to know, the real answer to the question is that the DJ was black.

The first of many…

Okay I want to update the questionnaire I filled out a couple days back.

  1. What was your favorite TV programme?
  1. What was your favorite film of this year?

That is all.


Up to now, I’ve spent most of the day watching the first few episodes to Joey, the spinoff from the Friends series featuring Joey Tribbiani. And to be honest, it surprassed my expectations. I like that it doesn’t stick too much around the Friends themes, it’s characters actually have character, and it is actually fairly funny.

Well, back to Joey when the episodes finish downlo….

Top face

Clarkson I’m going to miss Top Gear now the current series has ended, definatly one of the best programmes on TV at the moment. This moment, was a classic. Check out the screengrab (sorry for the poor quality, this is the quality of our digital TV service).

I can’t seem to decided between the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series however, both are brillaint cars, both look great, and I’d love to have both (of course, both are way out of my price range for a car, currently at £0). Any thoughts?


I just got back from the “January” sales. What a long day it’s been! Was going to hit Bluewater, but heard from people complaining about the hour it took to get into it, then you had to find a car parking space… Changed plans to Maidstone, which turned out to be quite poor actually. Nothing really left, and nothing really to begin with, I got three new pairs of Jeans though (lacking somewhat), and thats about it.

Has to be the most disappointing “January” sales I’ve been to, although would’ve probably been better at Bluewater.

Asia disaster

I heard on the radio that the death toll is now over 20,000 people, in the 9.0 scale earthquake. You can find more information on the BBC News site.

Minor update

Some minor updates to the layout of the menu, and some more content on it’s way very soon. Also I have nearly made the site 100% correct with IE, and not just Firefox.

Also, seeing as I’m trying to keep this site on the leading edge of web design (and lazyness), and probably constantly changing/tweaking it, I’m not going to bother testing it in anything other than the most current browsers from Microsoft and Mozilla camp. However, if a large proportion of my visiters start using IE 5.5 or Opera, I might consider tweaking the design to be cross-compatible.


I’ve finished the CSS for the extra content, but the content isn’t, and I’m really busy for the next few days upto 2005, so the new content probably won’t be up until we’re in 2005.

Oh joy!

I’m drunk, so very drunk! Oh the joy!!!

Question of the year

Saw this floating around the various bloggers on the internet. Thought I’d give it a bash. Please notify me of any dead/broken links, there are a few :-). Thanks!

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Ho ho ho! Oh fu*k off…

Furthering my Christmas spirit today, take a look at why Santa really is scary. (Yoinked from here).

Really though, I’d like to give to the first six people who ask me (comment on this blog) an GMail invite. I have six spare lying around, which I have found to have no monetary value at all. Get ’em while it’s hot kids!

New site template

I’m now using the excellent Human Condition design by Ian Main.

I think I can safely say it is a massive improvement over the standard WordPress design, and should last me until I finish my custom WordPress template and style :-).

I only had to modify one thing in it, which was the style for blockquotes, which looked a bit rough around the edges.


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So here it is…

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m off to bed now in preperation for the big day tomorrow, I’m cooking Christmas lunch!

I’m starting to think of a new design for this site, I’ve certainly got enough unfinished designs lying around my hard drive to try.

Anyway, enough! I definatly have to goto bed now.

Ho ho ho and merry Christmas!

Crimbo List

I could make this list very long. Instead, I will make it only fairly long.

Nah, I haven’t got a wishlist for Christmas this year, mainly because there isn’t really anything I want desprately. I am looking for a watch though, if someone could recommend a decent wrist watch for around £100 that would be nice.

Nikon D70


One thing I am seriously considering getting though, is a Nikon D70. Amazon have one if anyone wants go give me a surprise Christmas present, you’ll find it on my wishlist


Special thanks to James for buying the Dilbert comic book off my Amazon wish list. So remember not to duplicate your orders for me ;-). Merry Christmas!

Oh Tamagotchi!


Have you got one? Have you tried to get one this near to Christmas?! It has been almost impossible for me to find one this Christmas, and my sister despratly wants one. Of course, you could get them off eBay, but at a hugely inflated price. Read More »


Hello and welcome to my new blogger! Hope you like it here, I sure like it more than my old blogger system (based on my own system, which I never really finished). Anyway, you can read about it at

Anyway, a new start with a complete blogging system! Yay! And a very merry Christmas to everyone! I might make my old blogs avaliable, probably when I upgrade the blogger to Community Server.

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