Opera my ass

After using Opera 8 Beta for about a week, I’ve decided that it is far too buggy to be used a real-world enviroment at the moment. I know it’s a beta release, so I’ll test the full version when its out, here’s a list of why you shouldn’t use it:

  • CPU usage bug.
    Every now and again when I have many tabs open, Opera freezes (not crash, it still works), stops loading any pages, and uses 100% of the CPU.
  • Rendering bugs
    There are many rendering bugs with Opera, at least three big sites I visit have major rendering problems that make them unviewable. This is probably down to miss-formed CSS, although you would expect some tolerance in a bit browser like this
  • Major bugs with WordPress administration
    The redirects don’t work, referers are broken, the posted page design is rendered very badly and has some very strange session problems.
  • General incompatibility errors
    Such as random crashes, failure to download files, insistance on using it’s own IRC client and not my preferred mIRC.

etc. etc. the list goes on. Some of these problems are not with Opera, and some are. I think I might try Firefox some more to see how it compairs.

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