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I just wrote a little page on how to get this sites current design, Kubrick, onto your LiveJournal. It’s not an entirely straight-forward method, and if you know of a better one, then do tell!

You can see an edited version of the port (random image banners) on my LiveJournal.

He’s Alive!

Just posting to say that I’ve been writing an article on IE7 for a while now, and it should be published soon.

This blog is alive!

ph34r my l33t skillz

Nice to know that someone in Microsoft’s 1337.

Just a little snippet:

Characters of similar appearance can be used to replace the letters they resemble. For example, “5” or even “$” can replace the letter S. Applying this style, the word “leetspeek” can be written as “133t5p33k” or even “!337$p34k.”


WordPress 1.5 has been released! I just upgraded my site (from 1.5-beta) and the transition was pretty smooth. Lots of differences from 1.2, the main being new admin control panel and Kubrick as the default design. This’ll probably mean a lot of blogs will have the same design as I’m going to have now, so it’s time for a change.

As soon as I get some spare time (which will not be for at least another two weeks), I’ll start another design. It’s been a long time since I’ve designed anything, and now seems like a good time to start again. Anyone know of any good site for inspiration please tell!

All Stations to Normal

A little update to this post, I have found the ear bud. Crisis averted.

Trippin’ in the Rain

VW Golf GTI Everyone knows Gene Kelly’s famous water spalshing scene in Singin’ in the Rain. Well, the new Volkswagen Golf GTI (which, is a very scrumptious car) advert features an “updated” version of it. Well worth a look (5MB, Quicktime Movie format).

I think this one challenges and overtakes the current Nike Women advert. This one strikes me as having far more originality (no matter how cool the speakers in the Nike Women advert are), and also uses a very appropriate movie, as Gene Kelly himself was at the forefront of dance.

Only a few bottles left

So… one of the most high profile site that actually faught the RIAA has been forced offline. Lokitorrent went down yesterday evening.

Heres an excerpt from the “new” site:

There are websites that provide legal downloads. This is not one of them. This website has been permanently shut down by court order because it facilitates the illegal downloading of copyrighted motion pictures.

Time to spend…

God… You don’t know how tempting it is to buy either this or this.


Some things just make you cringe.

Daylight Robbery

Yep. After about an hour of quoting, this was the smallest quote I found for one years of car insurance. From Tesco if you were wondering. And thats with the 10% discount for ordering online.

A bloddy 1998 S-reg Honda Civic 1.4!!!

Microsoft at its best

MSN Error Nice one Microsoft.

And it’s happening again, more information here.

Just a quicky… yeah right


Logitech MX1000 Midnight BlackI got my Logitech MX1000 laser mouse today! I was pretty excited until I opened the parcel. They sent the wrong bloddy mouse! I paid an extra £10 for the midnight black one (pictured), but they sent me the plain blue one.

It’s also the older model (slightly) with the annoying put-down lag. But I can live with that. I CAN’T LIVE WITH THE BLUE!!


Disney LogoOn a brighter note, I’m going to Florida this Easter!! I’m going to be staying at Kirstens for hopefully two weeks. Florida!!!! Disney World! Universal! MGM! Err… shopping!!

I’ll bring more news as I get it.


Sony MDR-EX71SLB Fontopia HeadphonesI lost one of the buds out of my Sony ear bud headphones!!

Does anyone know where I can get spares? I can’t use them without the buds!!! This is so annoying!!! I had to rush off to my tutorial, so I didn’t have time to look, and it was dark by the time I got back, so they’re lost :(.

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