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Wise words from George

I sadly mourn the passing away of my Sony Minidisc player, a problem with the laser mechnism has now stopped it recording properly, so it is pratically useless now. Sony want over £100 to repair it, however I know that it’ll fail again in another two years, and you can get a second hand one off eBay for £40.

So this has led me ever further down the road towards an iPod, however, the super small size and weight of a minidisc player, not to mention it’s impressive battery life of over one hundered hours (with the battery pack) is incredibly alluring. Getting a decent new minidisc player/recorder now is not too costly, around £100 for a new top of the range Sony HI-MD. But as they say, once bitten, twice shy, or in the words of George Bush:

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice… you ain’t gonna fool me again.

I will not be buying another Sony portable device for some time. So, a 30GB iPod Photo is is. Now, to get the money…


Thats it, hold it right there

My new Casio Exilim EX-S100 arrived today, and what a beauty it is!

Another Reason

My copy of Propellerhead’s Reason 3.0 arrived today, and while I haven’t had time to play around with it yet (looks fairly similar to 2.5), the CD works on the PC and Mac! So I can have Reason on my PowerBook.

I will probably write something long and detailed as soon as I get some spare time to play around with it. Really interested on how it works on my ageing PowerBook.

Channel Low Life

I just watched 101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets on Channel Five, and number 81 was about The Graduate.

However, all the information was not a secret at all, and is readily avaliable on it’s IMDB profile in the trivia section.

It mentions that Dustin Hoffman (Benjamin Braddock) wasn’t the first choice, neither was Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson). It also mentions that the leg on the infamous poster isn’t Anne Bancroft’s leg, but Dallas star Linda Gray’s legs. All of this could (and probably was) lifted straight from this page.

Then again, this probably serves me right for watching late-night Channel Five programming.

One Five One

As you probably haven’t noticed, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1. No cosmetic changes, just fixed bugs and improved admin control panel.

I have got some big upgrade plans for this site though, some long needed features will need to be implemented, and I’m thinking of reorganising the categories.

Stay tuned for more info.

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Life as a Dual User

Seeing as I’ve had a Apple Powerbook since November, and a PC since forever, I thought I’d give a bit of PC users insight to the Mac.

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Shameless convert

I had been strongly against the Apple iPod since its cenception. And until recently, I had good reason to. The older models had poor battery life, we’re heavy, clunky, many bugs and compatability with PCs was terrible (until iTunes appeared on the PC). However, the new fourth generation iPods have converted me. And I am on the verge to buy one, and this is why.

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Political Broadcast

Labour win again. Big surprises there, did the Conservatives really think that Michael Howard could win the election? The only people voting for the Conservatives are ignorant and selfish luddites who believe that going backwards is the way to go forwards. Bring back Thatcher eh?

I’m glad Labour won, even though I didn’t vote, out of the three main political parties, Labour is the only sensible option right now.

I am sickened however, to find that the area I live in is now almost entirely Conservative dominated (although my specific region is still Labour by just 79 votes). Although I am glad to see that Nottingham is still a Labour stronghold.

Death of a Titan

Two days ago, my PC froze and refused to boot. This was highly irregular, as I’ve never had a PC fail on me before. I’ve bought parts that were DOA, parts that I’ve destroyed myself by accident, but I’ve never had a part fail on me from prolonged use.

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