Shameless convert

I had been strongly against the Apple iPod since its cenception. And until recently, I had good reason to. The older models had poor battery life, we’re heavy, clunky, many bugs and compatability with PCs was terrible (until iTunes appeared on the PC). However, the new fourth generation iPods have converted me. And I am on the verge to buy one, and this is why.


The minimilist design is fantastic. Finally, a good compromise between buttons and a wheel which works great and looks fantastic. The old scroll wheel used to get dirt and grit trapped under it, and having four seperate buttons is just messy. Laser engraving is now free with the iPod, while neat, produces the dilemma of what to have engraved.


The colour screen of the iPod Photo makes it perfect for transferring photos from my digital camera to the iPod using this Belkin adaptor, which would save me lugging my PowerBook along with me every time I’m going to take a lot of photos. I almost certainly wouldn’t use the TV out on them, and the slideshow feature is fairly gimmicky.


Keeping my music collection in sync between my PC and my PowerBook is a real chore. I’m tired of having to copy and paste files over the slow wireless network every time I add a new album. I use a Palm Tungsten T2 to sync contacts and calender between my PC and Mac, so using another intermediate device to sync music is a really good solution. This does mean converting my entire music collection to MP3, but I had already started the process a while back, and is a bullet worth taking.


I know of not another MP3 player that can integrate with the Pioneer CD player in my car. You can get an adapter for about £55, which you connecto to a dock, and you can use the CD player’s buttons to change tracks, and the song title and artist also come up on the display. A small price to play for seemless integration (cheaper then a new Alpine radio thats for sure).


Still no WMA support, and I’m not expecting any soon. The new iPods only come supplied with a cable, sans dock. The likelyhood that I’m going to buy one, is very high, and thats why I think Apple are taking it out of the package. They know that nearly everyone will spend extra to get one. Although they have reduced the price of all iPods to an affordable amount now, adding the dock will certainly negate that advantage.


With hindsight, I probably should’ve bought a third generation iPod when it came out, it came with a dock, and is not to dissimilar to the fouth generation. It would’ve also meant a lot less hassle in changing systems. However, I now see the light, and I am walking towards it…

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