My Computer

Another month, another Windows reinstall. Infact, it’s been a six or seven months since my last installation of Windows, fairly long period of time, and I only reinstalled because it started BSOD on boot, even safe mode. I never got this installation to run as fast or as solid stability wise (until it started BSOD-ing that is) as my last one, and its starting to develop problems again.

I have to say, the most annoying thing I find about Windows is that it degrades over time. It slows down, the hard drive gets busier and busier, and some very annoying anonmolies pop up. This time, it’s the start-up network bug again. I’ve seen this bug on many computers, and I’ve seen many number of causes. In some cases, a simple repair on the network will solve the problem, other times, you’ll have to dig into the service list and find out if theres an errand service. However with me this time, it’s trying to start services that don’t exist, or have been deleted, and I can find no way of fixing this (or at least the time taken to find it, I can do a reinstall). So James, I’ll be needing my Windows XP CD back unless I can find another one!

I always found reinstalling Windows on the same hard drive (not formatted) was a pretty complicated process that sometimes didn’t yeild the expected result. So, I got myself a new hard drive, a 200GB Seagate one. I’ve never been a big fan of multiple hard drives in a PC (stuffing new hard drives in your PC when you run out of space is A Bad Idea), however I’m going to take the risk of sounding cynical and do it. It’s SATA so the excess cabling is negliable, and I have another spare SATA power connector hanging around there anyway. Hopefully, its arriving tomorrow, and I can get started.

As with every reinstall, there will be at least one hour of downtime from the internet, usually two as I don’t like running the risk of having an unpatched, un-firewalled and un-anti-virused computer connected to the internet. If you get the Blaster worm recently after installing, you might as well reinstall again, its quicker than trying to get rid of it. Installing all my essential programs again will take another three to four hours (with Visual Studio .NET taking up two of those hours), depending if I’m constantly at the computer or not.

Anyway, heres to a new faster Windows tomorrow!

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