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Wedding Crashers

I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, but I got more, which is always a plesent surprise.

The recent comedies coming out of Hollywood, such as Hitch and Be Cool, really put me off American comedic movies. This is in comparison to the excellent comedic TV shows on in the US, such as Desperate Housewives and the late Wonderfalls. Wedding Crashers was the last chance for Hollywood, either this movie had to work, or I’d lose faith in Hollywood altogether, and I have to say, it surprised me.

The beginning and ending wern’t upto much, the usual dull introductory scene setting and character building, and predictable and dull ending. I sat through the first thirty minutes thinking there has been very little “scene” set and I still don’t really know the characters. The movie really starts to bite when the plot moves forward with some more pace, exposing some very clever dialog and well timed jokes. Utimately however, the funny moments are very few and far between in a dull and uninspiring first half. It just doesn’t make you care about any of the characters and what happens to them, therefore struggles to hold your interest. However it’s John Beckwith (played by Owen Wilson) that really saves the movie. His emotional journey to try and regain Claire Cleary’s (played by Rachel McAdams) affection that makes you care, makes you watch and makes you interested, and I must note there are very few comedic moments in this section of the movie.

You could see the ending coming way before it ended, mainly because of a lot of additional comedic footage that felt bolted on just to add (unsuccessfully) to the films comedic value. Needless to say it was pleasure to get out of the cinema once the film finished, however, it has at least partially resurrected my faith in Hollywood, not for comedy, but for drama.

At the worst, this film doesn’t make me hate Hollywood anymore than I do now, which is an achievement to be proud of following the recent Hollowood “blockbusters” I’ve seen.


Even though it first aired in 2004, I hadn’t even heard of Wonderfalls until just a few weeks back. I was browsing around the Radio Times website, when I saw it as recommended viewing on Sky One. Seeing as I don’t have Sky One anymore, my only option was to either buy Sky One again, or buy the DVD boxset.

You probably would’ve thought me as crazy for buying a $30/£20 DVD boxset without seeing the show, or even knowing much about it, but I did. With some rather poor shows from the US, I should’ve been skeptical about this, but I just wasn’t. Something about this show just caught my attention, like many recent US comedys/dramas such as 24, Nip/Tuck, Enterprise etcetera have just shown me that drama and comedies are still very strong in the US.

My expectations for this show we’re pretty low actually. I had really no idea what it was about apart from that it was based around Niagra Falls. What greeted me on the first episode was not so much an episode introducing the characters, themes and plots, but rather forcing them onto me by witty dialog, an ironic and sarcastic Jaye played by Caroline Dhavernas and a rather qwerky plotline. You’ll quickly get engrossed on this plotline, which has just enough tension and twists to keep you interested, but still leaves room for the free, fluid and airy nature of the show.

I’ll leave the reviews to the people on IMDB and who are much better at it then I am, however I do encourage you to watch this show first before reading the reviews as there will be some spoilers out there.

But I’ll once again plug the DVD boxset of this show, or encourage you to watch it on Sky One. This is your one chance to catch this, as Fox decided to cancel this excellent show. It’ll become clear why they did in episode four, exorcisms, the Devil and God all play a part in this episode, which is why the narrow minded and right-wing executives of Fox Television decided to cancel probably the one truely original show this year. But it does not aim to offend and any intelligent person would not be offended by it.

I’d like to note that I refrained from making any puns of the shows title throughout this post.

Delicious Cached++

Just a post to plug Delicious Cached++ plugin by João Craveiro. A much more flexible cached that gives out semantic code. I suggest you give it a try!

Down Gravatar Down

With being down at the moment, all the Gravatars on this site wern’t showing up. However, an easy way to fix this is to use the IP address instead of the domain name, as the server is still running, and just the domain’s expired.

Just change the reference in the plug-in to, and it all works fine and dandy. I’ve made the updated version of the plugin avaliable for download.

Update: seems the domain’s back up.


During my latest occasional trips back into the past, I realised how much of a better quality my posts used to be, how much more interesting and enjoyable they were to read and write. I’ve found it difficult to write posts recently, I don’t really know why, perhaps its because my free time is much more limited, or that my life has slowed down considerably (due to the job). Or, maybe it’s because I’m being very lazy. In fact, as I write this post, there are four unfinished posts, and at least five or six that I started but then deleted, this includes some very long posts about things which I used to find a great enthusiam writing about, such as browsers, web designing, photography, music and such. Just take a look at my recent posts, you’ll find hardly any in the Music, Photography, Programming, Web Dev or Biking categories.

I suspect the main reason for this deterioration in quality, is that I’ve stopped doing all the things I used to write about, and now I just sit working/playing with computers for most of the day. So, I’ve devided that I need a big change in my lifestyle. I’m going to go running and biking again, I’m blowing the dust of my numerous cameras and going to start to take photos again, and now that the pollen levels are dying down, I can go outside without fear of dying (well, nearly). I just have one project left to do, and after that, I’m going to stay away from computers as much as I can.

Fear not though, this does not mean I’m going to stop blogging, and should ultimately lead to me blogging much more.

K2 LiveJournal

If you’ve been reading my blog for a few months (or have looked around my site), you’ve probably noticed that I ported the Kubrick theme for WordPress to a LiveJournal S1 style. While this may have been adequate at the time, it has now been superseeded by both the S2 style system and K2.

I won’t go through the short comings of S1 styles, they are very numerous. However, writing styles for the S2 system is far more time consuming and complicated. That is why I haven’t wrote this from scratch, and I’ve largely based my code upon the Transmogrified theme by Yvonne Lo, which I would recommended to anyone learning about S2, as it is one of the best themes in terms of design and code layout.

Back to the point, I have released the first alpha port of K2 to the S2 style system, which is based on Alpha Three of K2 for WordPress. You can see an example on my LiveJournal. Please try it for yourself, the Style ID is 3324802, comment on the K2 page with any bugs or suggestions, there are some known bugs (such as a broken archives page) which I’ll make a list of soon.

Bust my VOIP

I thought I’d relay you some VOIP news, VOIP Buster are currently offering free calls to a very large list of countries, such as China, USA, Canada, Russia, Tiawan and most European countries. You do have to deposit €1 of credit first, although thats a small price to pay for cutting down my phone bill by £30-40 a month. Happy days!

I just like to say that I’m in no way affilated with this company (which I think is part of the 1899 group).

Battlefield 2

My copy of Battlefield 2 arrived today, unfortunatly, I’m too busy with work at the moment to play it, although I think I’ve given the demo a good thrashing already.

Depressingly, this is the only game I’ve come across so far that I can’t run on my machine at full detail. Even with a lower resolution, the game crawls to a halt at high details. This is probably because I only have 512MB of RAM at the moment, the reason being that no other game has required 1GB of RAM to run properly. Damnit, I might as well get 2GB now. My graphics card only has 128MB of RAM on it, so I may have to upgrade to one that has some more. An X800XL looks nice at the moment, but I would like it in PCI Express and that would mean upgrading the whole inside of my PC.

K2 Alpha

Well, after some problems in actually getting the theme, I’ve finally uploaded it.

K2 Alpha Three.

I got Super Archives and LiveSearch plugins working too.

Looks great don’t you think?

Update: just updated to K2 Alpha 2

Update: now Alpha 3

Explosions in London

Jubilation one day, dispair another.

London Explosions Flickr Group
London tag on Flickr
Bomb tag on Flickr

G8 2005

This year’s G8 summit, will be the sixth in a row to have tackling poverty in Africa history as its priority, however, will it be the sixth in a row to fail in dealing with it?

Just noticed that this is the 100th entry!

London 2012

It’s just been announced, London has won the Olympic 2012 bid!

Certainly not the expected outcome, but I’m very excited to see what will happen to London in the next 7 years.

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