Battlefield 2

My copy of Battlefield 2 arrived today, unfortunatly, I’m too busy with work at the moment to play it, although I think I’ve given the demo a good thrashing already.

Depressingly, this is the only game I’ve come across so far that I can’t run on my machine at full detail. Even with a lower resolution, the game crawls to a halt at high details. This is probably because I only have 512MB of RAM at the moment, the reason being that no other game has required 1GB of RAM to run properly. Damnit, I might as well get 2GB now. My graphics card only has 128MB of RAM on it, so I may have to upgrade to one that has some more. An X800XL looks nice at the moment, but I would like it in PCI Express and that would mean upgrading the whole inside of my PC.