Wedding Crashers

I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, but I got more, which is always a plesent surprise.

The recent comedies coming out of Hollywood, such as Hitch and Be Cool, really put me off American comedic movies. This is in comparison to the excellent comedic TV shows on in the US, such as Desperate Housewives and the late Wonderfalls. Wedding Crashers was the last chance for Hollywood, either this movie had to work, or I’d lose faith in Hollywood altogether, and I have to say, it surprised me.

The beginning and ending wern’t upto much, the usual dull introductory scene setting and character building, and predictable and dull ending. I sat through the first thirty minutes thinking there has been very little “scene” set and I still don’t really know the characters. The movie really starts to bite when the plot moves forward with some more pace, exposing some very clever dialog and well timed jokes. Utimately however, the funny moments are very few and far between in a dull and uninspiring first half. It just doesn’t make you care about any of the characters and what happens to them, therefore struggles to hold your interest. However it’s John Beckwith (played by Owen Wilson) that really saves the movie. His emotional journey to try and regain Claire Cleary’s (played by Rachel McAdams) affection that makes you care, makes you watch and makes you interested, and I must note there are very few comedic moments in this section of the movie.

You could see the ending coming way before it ended, mainly because of a lot of additional comedic footage that felt bolted on just to add (unsuccessfully) to the films comedic value. Needless to say it was pleasure to get out of the cinema once the film finished, however, it has at least partially resurrected my faith in Hollywood, not for comedy, but for drama.

At the worst, this film doesn’t make me hate Hollywood anymore than I do now, which is an achievement to be proud of following the recent Hollowood “blockbusters” I’ve seen.

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