Kill Notepad

While I am in favour of writing HTML pages by hand, certain groups on the internet annoy me a lot. These are the ones that advocate using plain text editors, such as Notepad, to code HTML pages instead of tools designed for the job. In my opinion, this is a very bad way to code pages.

The most important part of a code editor for me is the ability of the editor to provide an integrated development enviroment. This was noteably useful on my recent web service project, where there was an excess of thirty classes, namespaces and methods. While it is possible to remember the place of a specific method in the specific file when you’re working on something all day, I had to vary my time between three project, so remembering what I had done, let alone where everything was, was tedious. This is where the object browser in Visual Studio .NET came into it’s own. A single double click took me to the revelant section, and at a glace I can see the structure of the entire project.

After working on my LiveJournal K2 port in S2 style system, I immedialy felt the lack of a real IDE for S2. I spent nearly as much time trawling through the code looking for something as I did coding it. This isn’t helped by the complexity of a LiveJournal S2 style. If anyone knows of an S2 editor, please comment.

I myself am tempted to start a Kill Notepad campaign, but I then realised that I also use Notepad (mainly for quick and dirty CSS edits because I can’t be bothered to start up Dreamweaver), so unless anyone else has strong feelings against Notepad I think I’ll let it live, for now.

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