Sony Ericcson W800i

Who would’ve thought how hard it was to find this phone for sale. Infact, it wasn’t that hard, it was just hard finding it for sale in an Orange shop. The only one I found it in stock was Bluewater, and thats with a reservation and a few agressive phone calls.

I’m now on the Orange Premier 600 network, which suits me fine as it means I have a fixed monthly bill now instead of worrying how much I’ve spent this month. My numbers the same so anyone who knows my number, keep it. If you want my number, you can get in contact. I’m wary about pasting it around the internet.

First impressions? This is a very nice phone, granted it isn’t the best looking, I think that accolade goes to the Motorola V3 Razr Black and the upcoming V6 Pebl. Infact, I was very tempted to wait for the V6 Pebl, but the idea of having another Motorola phone for nine months really bothered me. They have by far the best designs, but the user interface is atrocious! Button on the outside of the phone to change the style, great idea! Makes a very loud sound when you turn it onto silent, incredibly bad idea! And the interface is even worse than that! If Motorola phones had as good interfaces as Sony Ericssons, then I’d have gone for a Motorola any day, but the better interface, better camera, and better phonebook of the Sony Ericsson won me over.

Motorola, get the interface right, and in nine months time, I might be a loyal customer once again. The V3 and the V6 designs are amazing.

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