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Fire fire

A fire has destroyed the University of Southampton’s fiber research centre. Having been there, I can say that it was a world class facility, and this is a great loss to the research community.


Did Microsoft ever think what would happen to MSN Messenger when you changed your passport e-mail address? I don’t think they did. Now everyone is offline and I’m going to have to re-import all my contacts. Even more annoyingly, you can’t select multiple contacts so I’m going to have to delete all 120 one by one!


Now that I’ve nearly finished changing all my e-mail to, the domain becomes avaliable! I’m tempted to change my e-mail again, but its quite a hassle, it took me around two hours to get everything done today.

Saying that, is an arguably better e-mail address than I could also have, but seeing as I’m not an organisation, I’ll leave that one out.

What do you think? or

Update: My new permanent e-mail address is now Sending e-mails to any of my other addresses will result in delay in replying. I’m going to change my MSN identity to the new e-mail address soon too.


Firefox browser

I have to admit, I’m quite a strong Microsoft supporter. I’ve been using their technologies for a long time, .NET and Office are just some of their applications I use regurlarly. However, over the past year, I’ve moved away from several of their applications to third party alternatives, and today, there has been another.

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Another K2 update

Well, it’s been a while since I updated K2LJ, but I’ve spent quite some time now squishing bugs and streamlining the design to it’s current state of production, Alpha One 1.1b.

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Where’s Weiran?

While I’m in the midst of writing a big post on my recent trip to Aberdeen, I remembered that I never finished my promised About page. Rest assured, there will be one soon, thus completing my online identity!

E-mail professionalism

As many of you probably know (if not, why not?!), my e-mail address is, while the novelty of this address is forever permanent, it always makes me think twice when I write down this address for something like a job application. My GMail account serves that purpose, something reputible, but the smell of a free e-mail service lacks professionalism. Even though I own upwards of twenty domains, something like isn’t much better then

One has to wonder if a silly e-mail address really affects your job prospects, and a part of me really wants to find out. However, using myself as a human guinea pig and placing my third year job placement on the line for the sake of humanity doesn’t really appeal to me as soon as I think about it.

My ideal e-mail address would probably be, but the annual £70 subscription fee for .Mac is very heafty, seeing as I’ll just be using it for e-mail. I could also register some very classy sounding domain, but I usually get tempted away by things like and I do own and, but I can’t really think of any good usernames to go with them.

So here is my dilemma, should I shell out for a .Mac subscription and pay £70 a year, or keep my current address and risk the chance of not ever getting a job?

I’m number one, so why try harder?

I am proud to be number one for a mis-spelled search for cleavage.

Around the town

If you see this, then the University new wireless network works. Yipee!

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