E-mail professionalism

As many of you probably know (if not, why not?!), my e-mail address is weiran@tastydirt.co.uk, while the novelty of this address is forever permanent, it always makes me think twice when I write down this address for something like a job application. My GMail account serves that purpose, something reputible, but the smell of a free e-mail service lacks professionalism. Even though I own upwards of twenty domains, something like Poogasm.com isn’t much better then Tastydirt.com.

One has to wonder if a silly e-mail address really affects your job prospects, and a part of me really wants to find out. However, using myself as a human guinea pig and placing my third year job placement on the line for the sake of humanity doesn’t really appeal to me as soon as I think about it.

My ideal e-mail address would probably be weiran@mac.com, but the annual £70 subscription fee for .Mac is very heafty, seeing as I’ll just be using it for e-mail. I could also register some very classy sounding domain, but I usually get tempted away by things like Flackr.com and Fuckr.me.uk. I do own Weiran.name and Weiran.co.uk, but I can’t really think of any good usernames to go with them.

So here is my dilemma, should I shell out for a .Mac subscription and pay £70 a year, or keep my current address and risk the chance of not ever getting a job?