Monthly Archives: November 2005

Mozilla Firefox 1.5

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 has been officially released! The list of improvements is extensive, so go and get it!

Faithless live

As I mentioned elsewhere, tonight I went to see Faithless live in concert. You’ve probably heard all the hype about them being one of the best live acts around, and have to report; they are fucking amazing!

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The Invisible Ad

You’ve all heard of The Million Dollar Home Page right? No? Well, basically it’s this business student in Nottingham that set up a website where you can buy a pixel of advertising space for $1, and he has a million pixels on the site for sale, therefore he could make a million dollars.

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Broken chain

If you ever wondered why I didn’t move host a few weeks back, then today is your lucky day.

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Ad blocking for the masses

Adverts, annoying aren’t they? I mean, I can stand the usual text based ads ala Google, I even put them on Ejecutive. But graphical or flash/animated ones just really piss me off, and don’t get me started on pop-ups.

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Productivity whore

It’s times like this that I really need to boost my productivity and efficiency when I work. If I really need to get something done, I have a process of shutting down the rest of my brain and focusing on the parts that are doing any useful work. Unfortunatly, this isn’t easy as it sounds, but I’m going to go through some tips here to make sure that project you’re working on is in on time! Or at least just a little late…

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Counter category

Yes, I’ve changed the permalink structure again. I promise this will be the last time in a while! Contrary to popular belief, I’m not doing this to fill your RSS readers with my ten latest entries that (I hope) you’ve read, but be assured that this is all for your viewing pleasure.

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If you’re a long term reading (hello to you!), you may remember that I once had Google Adverts on Ejecutive to raise money for charity, and having it turning out to be a relative disaster. You many also remember my position on placing advertisments on Ejecutive for my own monetary gain. I’ve just changed my position.

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Ever wondered what WiFi stands for? Well, it stands for nothing!

Rebirth of application service providers

I’ve recently been having a few problems with my various servers around the internet. I don’t know if you noticed, but Ejecutive had a bit of downtime yesterday afternoon, and my e-mail was down for most of the day. This lead me thinking about ASPs again, and whether it was time to reconsider our perceptions about them.

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As part of the major redesign of Ejecutive, I’ve updated the permalinks structure, to something like

I’ve done this to clarify and hopefully, make transparent what the link is about. Before, when I just had a post ID number, there was no way of knowing which post it could’ve been. Frankly, this is something I should’ve changed long ago, before the old system has been engraved in my posts, other peoples posts and search engines.

Saying that, the old link still work, although links that are built on top of them won’t, such as However, I doubt many of you still use that kind of link, so deprecating it shouldn’t cause too many problems. You can always get to it by navigating to the new URL, and then using the links provided on top of them.

I’ve also moved the aside entries to the sidebar, this is a little hint as to what the new design would be like. Actually, it doesn’t give you much of a hint at all, but you’ll see soon enough!

Update: this article has been depreciated by a newer article.

Bring back the creativity

Recently, I’ve been seeing that a lot of blogs I read (notably, Binary Bonsai and Ordered List), have start to use their own radical designs, that break away from tradition.

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Moving host

Over the weekend, I’ll be moving host from UH Hosting to DreamHost. Not that I’m unhappy with the service from UH Hosting (actually, I think its pretty good, I recommended), but because I have two hosts, one is always redundant. I’m just throwing away money at UH Hosting every month when I have a perfectly good DreamHost account for which I paid for a year in advance.

More updates to follow, but expect to see outages during the move.

Update: I didn’t move in the end, an update will follow.

Safari Acid

The new Apple Safari 2.0.2 now passes the Acid2 test!

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