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Yes, I’ve changed the permalink structure again. I promise this will be the last time in a while! Contrary to popular belief, I’m not doing this to fill your RSS readers with my ten latest entries that (I hope) you’ve read, but be assured that this is all for your viewing pleasure.

I’m going to completely break the last permalink structure, those links won’t work at all (you’ll get a 404). The new links look like, since I only have two categories left (articles and digressions, formally asides) the link reads quite nicely. At least now you can see a bit inside what a post is about without clicking on it. I’m also debating removing the www part of the link. It is synonomous with the internet, but also unnecessary as the domain only points to a website. Its not like we use anymore for e-mail, so why use www for websites?

I admit it. I’ve never liked categories. I’ve only forced myself to use them as when I started using WordPress as there wasn’t another system of grouping and sorting entries. Now, with plugins such as Ultimate Tag Warrior, you can tag your posts rather than assigning them to restrictive categories.

For Ejecutive’s re-branding, I’m going to go the way of the Bonsai and remove categories as they are used at the moment. I’ll have two base categories: articles, and asides, although I’m not too sure about using “asides” to describe short-entries. Michael at Binary Bonsai uses “clippings”, but I think that limits the entry too much in terms of length. The word shouldn’t necessarily represent the length of the entry, but rather the scope and depth. If anyone has ideas, the please suggest them.

Tagging my posts opens up a lot more possibilites in terms of searching, archiving and organising the entries. Even with a full text search engine, its still quite difficult to find a post or posts on one topic. But with tagging, I can search for the tag K2 and it would return all posts about, or mention in some detail K2. This beats the old system where you would have to go searching in the Themes category and find yourself any posts that look like they might be related to K2.

As for the rebranding, expect tags to feature massively in nearly everything, I mean, why not?

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