The Invisible Ad

You’ve all heard of The Million Dollar Home Page right? No? Well, basically it’s this business student in Nottingham that set up a website where you can buy a pixel of advertising space for $1, and he has a million pixels on the site for sale, therefore he could make a million dollars.

Well, through The Net is Dead, I stumbled across The Invisible Ad, which is another take on TMDHM concept. And boy, does it have potential!

OK. Hello, my name is Stoyan and this is – my version of Alex Tew’s fascinating idea of the Million Dollar Homepage. What you see on Alex’s page is ads, presented as miniscule graphics. But unless you buy several 10×10 pixels, you cannot really convey much of your message. Also, the ads below the fold (after the page is scrolled) are not in as good position as those above.

My solution resolves the visibility issue by admitting that 10×10 pixels is, in fact, nothing, or should I say invisible. On The Invisible Ad, the grid cells are placeholders that bring up a full size ad, where the advertisers can express themselves much, much better. Also my solution follows the belief that all ads are born equal, so there is no ad below the fold. The grid is sized to be displayed in its entirety without scrolling, even if you use default browser settings on a 800×600 pixels monitor resolution. This means less ads on the grid, which means more value for the pixel!

I just bought an advert on there and I’m happy to say that I’m their first advertiser! If you hurry, you can get your ads extra cheap, as the first one hundered advertisers get a discount; depending on how early they join. I was first, so I got the biggest discount ;-), but buy your ads quick, they’re super cheap at the moment, and guaranteed to increase traffic to your site!

In a few weeks, I’ll post some statistics about my traffic now compaired to then. As of today, I get around sixty unique visits a day.

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