Monthly Archives: December 2005

WordPress 2.0

WordPress 2.0 is out, but is anyone rushing to upgrade?

Last minute turkey

Cooking a turkey is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman. You start with its tender skin, softly caress the legs… Sorry, I’ll stop with the crude jokes. On a digression from my usual tech articles, here’s one on how to make a great last minute turkey meal for Christmas!

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Nearly WordPress 2.0

Apparently, the release of WordPress 2.0 is imminent (Wednesday or Thursday). I’m not going to upgrade until I can test and confirm that all my plugins and other hacks won’t break it. I’ve also been hearing rumors about there being critical bugs still not fixed, even though they were reported weeks ago, not a great sign. has been down for almost a day now, which is hyper-annoying as it has some link to colour pallets I saved for the re-design, so work is at a halt right now. Maybe it is true, maybe Yahoo does fuck up everything they buy.

Update: It seems to be back up.

Microsoft ends IE Mac

Microsoft has finally decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer for Mac, which hasn’t had any development work on it since 2003. Thats another browser to mark off my support list. Anyone still running Internet Explorer for Mac should follow Microsoft’s advice and “migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple’s Safari”.

A new image

I’ve recently been touting myself as a web designer and developer that advocates web standards, usability and accessability, however my own site is designed by someone else, based on a system developed by someone else, and isn’t strictly standards compliant! It’s about time I recitified this, so by the end of January 2006, you’ll see a completely new face on Ejecutive.

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Open source does not mean free

Everyday I seem to hear people saying that companies, governments and schools should switch to Linux because its free. I don’t know how they understand the open source software philosophy, but to them it’s not free. I agree that for a personal user, you can equip a desktop computer with entirely open source software and not cost you a penny, but for large institutions such as those mentioned, that’s just not the case.

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Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds

Even though I’ve had this album for a month or so, I’ve only recently had the time to listen to it, and boy is it fantastic! I throughly recommended you go and get Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, in either two disc version or the super fantastic seven disc book version, it’s possibly some of the most enjoyable music I’ve listened to this year. Of course, this all depends on your listening age.

And it begins

I’ve started the Ejecutive rebranding, but I need suggestions for names. My current ones are “Opacity” and “Drongo”, but I’d like something better, and someone must have more ideas! Do share.

Merrill Lynch

I’ve got a job! And not just any job, but a job with Merrill Lynch! I went for an interview this morning, and very unexpectedly, I received a call on the train back home with an offer!

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I am an XML disciple

Everyone knows about HTML, it’s possibly the most popular language on the internet. Its utterly ubiquitous in its domination of web based documents, for some very good reasons too. However, if you haven’t heard already, I’m afraid to inform you that it’s dead. And you know what? I’m glad it is! HTML was flawed from its beginnings in CERN where it was still just a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eyes.

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