Monthly Archives: February 2006

Fly Eastern

In our times of cost cutting and budget airlines, it’s rare to find one that cares about customer service and offers a professional service. In the recent Dispatches documentary shown on Channel 4, shows the extreme lengths that Ryan Air goes to reduce its costs so that it is able to undercut every other airline.

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Free CD

I’m not joking guys, if you want a free CD from CD-WOW, then you can get one by buying a copy of the current issue of Time Out magazine (15th to 22nd Feburary), you can get a free £8.75 voucher from CD-WOW. However, if you look closer into the terms and conditions, it states: “this offer is only open to readers of Time Out“, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a current reader does it? Hell, if you really want to, you can goto your local newsagents, have a flick through the copy of TimeOut, but not buy it, and you can still be called a reader. So, heres a free and legal way to get a CD or DVD.

Opera TP2

Opera has finally released a new technology preview of their version 9 browser, Opera 9 TP2. I’ll be honest, none of the new features really tickle my fancy that much. What I’m interested is the numourus CSS bugs they’ve fixed, including one that affected Ejecutive.

RIAA vs The World

A woman is sued by the RIAA for using an “online distribution system” to “download, distribute, and/or make available for distribution” plaintiff’s music files, even though she has never used a computer in her life.

Before you fry the RIAA, perhaps you should read this interesting comment on Slashdot:

This woman does laundry a lot and has no dryer, so she hangs her clothes to dry. When the RIAA said she was using an “online distribution system” to make plaintiff’s music files available, they were not referring to a computer; what they meant was that she is often heard whistling copyrighted songs while she hangs clothes on the line; hence, “online distribution system.”
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