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Office 2007 beta 2 download

I don’t know how long this will be up, but here is a direct link to the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 download. Expect a review of Office 2007 and Windows Vista beta 2 versions very soon.

Product keys:

  • Office: MTP6Q-D868F-448FG-B6MG7-3DBKT


It’s been a couple days and it seems all of Alex King‘s servers are down, including FeedLounge, my only feed reader! As the FeedLounge forums and support are hosted on the same server, they’re down too. This is probably why it’s best to have off site hosting for your support pages and forums, incase something like this ever happens.

Even steven

I do like round numbers.

Currently the archives are spanning 200 posts and 300 comments, contained within the meager confines of 3 categories.

Of course, this post has taken it over 200 posts!

Nuclear power

I’ve always been a supporter of nuclear power. It’s, at worst, a stop gap solution to our current energy problems, but at best, the solution to all our energy problems in the future. The current problem with nuclear is the radioactive waste it produces. Actually, most of the waste it produces is relatively non-toxic, and can be safely stored or even dumped in hazardous waste dumps. However there is a very small amount of highly radioactive waste that arises from the use of uranium, called High Level Waste. This accounts for over ninety five percent of the radiation produced in a nuclear reactor.

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Out with the old

I’ve finally moved out of the “dark ages” of single core computing and joined the modern world of dual core owners. It’s been a great ride my single core friends, but it’s time to roll on.

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Earthworm Jim

Oh my God, oh my God, they’re bringing back Earthworm Jim! Princecess-What’s-Her-Name and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, it’s been too long!

Can anyone say Salamander time!?

Media Library

If you’ve ever wondered what I have in my collection of movies, music, books and games, then wonder no more, and head on over to my Media Library! Powered by Delicious Library and DeliciWeb.

Delicious Library

9rules round four

Tomorrow is round four of the 9rules site submission, will you submit this time around? It’s kind of caught me by surprise, so I still haven’t finished Opacity, something that might make this site special enough to be part of 9rules, and also spur me on to write more content. But for now, it’ll have to wait after my exams.

Updated permalinks

I had to make another change to the permalink structure, so my apologies to you if you get my last ten posts in your feed reader again. However, I have now fixed all the URL problems, so the old /category/post-name and archives/post-number now redirect to the correct page!

BBC mistakes taxi driver for Internet music expert

The BBC seems to have managed to mistake a taxi driver for an internet music specilist.

According to Mr Kewney, the stage manager said: “To be honest, I did think it couldn’t be you. I mean, I’ve seen your picture on your website, and he didn’t look like you. So I asked him who he was, and he said, ‘Guy Kewney’ and I said, ‘Are you really Guy Kewney?’ and he said, ‘Yes’.� #

Update: I now have a copy of the interview, you can see it below. It also turns out that he wasn’t a taxi driver, but rather a person seeking employment at the BBC.

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I just listened to…

The value of original IP

GameDaily have a great interview with 3DRealm‘s Scott Miller about the absense of new intellectual property in the games market. It’s a long but interesting read about how big game producers such as EA and Activision now focus on licensing TV and Movie IP instead of creating their own original ideas, and why this is doomed for failure.

Letter to no-one

Dear Apple,

I am a proud iPod owner, my current model being the 4G iPod 20GB. It’s pretty good, it’s physical size is nice, the screen is clear and the battery life lasts for quite a while. If you want to tempt me to upgrade, please include the following features:

  • Increased storage
    20GB is enough for my music collection right now, which stands at a mighty 14GB. However, I’ve been using the iPod as a backup device recently, and 3GB is just not enough for proper backups. Of course there is a 60GB iPod availblle now, but something more like 80GB to 100GB would be better.
  • Big widescreen
    I’d like to watch videos on my iPod, but the current one has too small of a screen. I mean my PDA has a bigger screen, but I don’t like to carry too many gadgets with me at one time. Hopefully, rumours of a widescreen iPod Video are true.
  • A real equaliser
    The current equaliser settings are pretty vague, and doesn’t offer me any fine tuning. I have to go through each option and judge whether it’s better than the previous one. Lame.
  • Crossfading or seamless playback
    I don’t know how Apple have gotten away with this one for so long. You really need one or the other, but preferbly both in a music play, but the iPod has neither. Also, it’d be great if you could set whether to crossfade or seamless specific albums.
  • Extensible OS
    There are many features lacking in the current OS for the iPod, although this is probably the one feature that is least likely to make it onto the iPod, I would still like it.

Best regards,


An infection free zone

When was the last time someone tried to hack into your computer? Never? Yeah me too. And when was the last time that you got a virus infection? Months? Yeah again, me too. This kind of rhetorical questioning got me thinking, do I actually need a firewall or anti-virus software anymore?

You could go on about the dangers of browsing the internet without any protection, but I believe that if you remain savvy about your e-mail attachments, don’t accept holiday_pictures.jpg.vbs from chat messages and stay off Warez sites, the chance of an actual virus infection from daily use of a computer is very small indeed.

So as a brief experiment, I’m going to run my computer without a firewall or anti-virus software, but scan the computer every week for viruses or spyware. If I get a virus, then I know I am a fool for trusting myself too much, and I’ll bring the defences back up. But as long as I remain fully patched, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Maybe blogging about this is just asking to be hacked, but I’ll take that chance.

Computer for sale

As I’m getting a brand spanking new Dell computer tomorrow, my old one is now up for sale. Usually, I’d keep old computers instead of selling them, but this one would get no use whatsoever and it’s still got some life left. So if you’re looking for a bargain then look no further!

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