An infection free zone

When was the last time someone tried to hack into your computer? Never? Yeah me too. And when was the last time that you got a virus infection? Months? Yeah again, me too. This kind of rhetorical questioning got me thinking, do I actually need a firewall or anti-virus software anymore?

You could go on about the dangers of browsing the internet without any protection, but I believe that if you remain savvy about your e-mail attachments, don’t accept holiday_pictures.jpg.vbs from chat messages and stay off Warez sites, the chance of an actual virus infection from daily use of a computer is very small indeed.

So as a brief experiment, I’m going to run my computer without a firewall or anti-virus software, but scan the computer every week for viruses or spyware. If I get a virus, then I know I am a fool for trusting myself too much, and I’ll bring the defences back up. But as long as I remain fully patched, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Maybe blogging about this is just asking to be hacked, but I’ll take that chance.

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