Letter to no-one

Dear Apple,

I am a proud iPod owner, my current model being the 4G iPod 20GB. It’s pretty good, it’s physical size is nice, the screen is clear and the battery life lasts for quite a while. If you want to tempt me to upgrade, please include the following features:

  • Increased storage
    20GB is enough for my music collection right now, which stands at a mighty 14GB. However, I’ve been using the iPod as a backup device recently, and 3GB is just not enough for proper backups. Of course there is a 60GB iPod availblle now, but something more like 80GB to 100GB would be better.
  • Big widescreen
    I’d like to watch videos on my iPod, but the current one has too small of a screen. I mean my PDA has a bigger screen, but I don’t like to carry too many gadgets with me at one time. Hopefully, rumours of a widescreen iPod Video are true.
  • A real equaliser
    The current equaliser settings are pretty vague, and doesn’t offer me any fine tuning. I have to go through each option and judge whether it’s better than the previous one. Lame.
  • Crossfading or seamless playback
    I don’t know how Apple have gotten away with this one for so long. You really need one or the other, but preferbly both in a music play, but the iPod has neither. Also, it’d be great if you could set whether to crossfade or seamless specific albums.
  • Extensible OS
    There are many features lacking in the current OS for the iPod, although this is probably the one feature that is least likely to make it onto the iPod, I would still like it.

Best regards,


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