Opacity: browser compatability

I set out for Opacity to have complete browser support across all current platforms with a single stylesheet. However over time it’s become apparent that Internet Explorer is going to need some gentle coaxing of it’s own, in the form of an IE specific stylesheet.

I’m glad that the folks at Microsoft decided to put in conditional comments for Internet Explorer, it’s as if they knew that designers were having trouble with IE’s rendering and needed some hacks.

In any case, heres a list of currently supported browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5
  • Opera 9 Beta 2
  • Safari 2
  • Camino 1.1

If you’re on Windows, you have two chances of having a supported browser, two if you’re on OS X, and three if you’re using Linux (assume Safari was replaced by Konqueror).

However over 50% of my current readership is still on Internet Explorer and Windows. I’m not trying to alienate you, I just want you to know what a bitch it is to develop for that browser, and that it’ll take a bit longer for all the kinks to be smoothed out.


Now, lest us not forget in our haste screenreaders. I don’t know how many of my readers use screenreaders (I suspect very few), but designing a site that is read well by screenreaders means designing a site semantically well, which is what every designer should strive for. I consider Opacity to be coded semantically, and most of the pages should be valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. None of that transitional bullshit!

If you do see any errors in the support browser list, do please comment. In fact, if you see errors in any browser please do comment, the more compatability I get the better!

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