Open letter to the US

Dear United States of America,

How can ten percent of you think that the currenct conflict between Israel an Lebanon is fair and moral? I agree, that Lebenon started the conflict, they do still hold two soldiers prisioner and Israel have every right to defend itself against terrorist attacks, but this is just way way out of line.

I think it’s clear that it’s the Lebanese people who are paying the ultimate price, rather than Hezbollah. Hezbollah doesn’t control Lebanon, the Lebanese state isn’t at war against Israel, so why is the US letting Israel completely destroy Lebanon?

Furthermore, can’t you see that all this is going to do is strengthen many terrorist forces in Hezbollah controlled regions? Hezbollah are getting more popular by the day with other Arab states, such as Iraq and Iran. The best way to control Hezbollah is to gain the support of the current Lebanese governments and they can then use their influence on them.

This is gaining you no friends, and creating far more enemies, and not just in the Arab states. Your reputation in the World is already very tarnished, and this will not help that. Condoleeza Rice’s visit was a joke, a token gesture to try to appease world pressure on the US, and the offer of conditional ceasefire offer proposed by her is unworkable, and they know it.

What is needed now is an immediate ceasefire, and for dialog to start between Israel, Hezbollah and Lebanon. At least this way there will be less lives lost, and hopefully will be the start of a longer term peace. The way things are currently going, the situation is just going to get worse.


Weiran Zhang.

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