Opacity: No more comments

Comments for blog posts are as synonymous to blogs as the posts themselves. Nearly every blog has them, and every CMS worth its salt will cater for them. But recently I’ve started to wonder just how useful comments really are?

Comments encourage responses to the posts from readers, casual or regular (as long as there’s no authentication system used). However in the near three hundred posts this blog as had, and the four hundred comments that accompany them, I can only think of two situations where the comment system was really and truly used to its potential. Most of the time, comments don’t really add to a post, and don’t offer that much more insight other than the opinions of other people.

The biggest problem to a commenting system for a small blog such as mine, is that it makes it look small! Most readers of blogs judge the popularity, and sometimes even the quality of a blog through the volume of comments it receives. Ejecutive averages only just above one comment per post, and this is just not popular enough to warrant a commenting system.

On average, I receive under one hundred unique visitors per day (bar the rare traffic spike), and the majority of the comments are centralised on a few posts. So I’ve decided to take the rather unconventional measure of disabling comments on all posts as part of the second phase of the Opacity experiment, which you can already see happening.

This will be the last post with comments open to the public, and this will be closed in a few days. After that, if you want to contact me, I’ll make it painfully easy to on the contact page.

One very successful blog, in the form of Daring Fireball, doesn’t have comments, as it relies purely on the quality of it’s content, which is hopefully why people will start reading Ejecutive.

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