Work has been keeping me quite busy lately, and other than having the side effect of giving me less time to dedicate to writing, it also means I’m forgetting many ideas that pop into my head during the course of the day.

I could write down notes on my mobile phone, but seeing as my M600i is acting up at the moment, writing a quick note using a number key pad on a W800i isn’t ideal. And you can forget about some online note taking application like Stikkit as I don’t want to be tied down to a computer when I want to take notes. I needed something I could use on the spur of the moment, so something I could carry with me everywhere I went.


Since I got my Moleskine yesterday, it’s been in my bag since and I’ve made many notes with it already. As I travel four hours a day, I do find that I get ideas while sitting on the bus thinking to myself. I’ve already written down many ideas for a couple new writing projects, which will be revealed soon, and hopefully I can improve the writing quality and originality on Ejecutive too.

As you probably know I love well designed products, and the Moleskine is as well designed as any. The rounded corners makes it slip into pockets with ease, the elastic holds closed the notebook and any loose bits inside, which you can put in the pocket at the back anyway, and the quality and appearance of the paper just makes you want to write on it. The size is just perfect to fit into a pocket in my bag (coincidence?) or in my pocket, which means it’ll probably go wherever I go from now on.

So forget about submitting your site to Digg or writing as many top ten lists as you can; get yourself a Moleskine and start writing down your ideas and watch the quality of your writing improve.

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