Freezing Windows XP

Just when I thought I had a nice and clean installation of Windows XP, one that was stable, fast and had everything where I wanted, it starts randomly freezing up. The main problem is that it seems to do it randomly, it can freeze up because I plugged in a USB device, unplugged a USB device, tried to shut down the computer, opened My Documents even start a phone call on Skype for christs sake! I’m not trying to sound big headed, but I do know Windows reasonably well and I like to think I can fix the majority of problems it presents me. But when you get random crashes that don’t BSOD and don’t write to the Event Log, I’m completely stumped for a fix.

However I don’t want to spend several hours reinstalling Windows XP, only to have to do it for Windows Vista less than a month later! Repairing Windows is also a long shot, I’ve tried it before with no avail.

Fortunately, I do have another computer, an Apple Macbook which only ever crashes when I try to run Adobe Photoshop CS3 on a 18MB RAW image from my D80 with just 512MB of RAM, which will do for a month. I’m still to lazy to shell out a couple hundred to upgrade the RAM of the Macbook to 2GB, all I currently use it for is web browsing, e-mail checking and instant messenge sending.

Going from twin 19″ TFTs at work and on my desktop to a rather clostrophobic 13″ TFT on a laptop with as much memory as Saddam Hussein at his trial is going to be a challenge.

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