I’m a fat bastard

I’m a fat lazy slob. It’s true. Having just weighed myself after the usual Christmas excess, I’ve come in at a whopping 81.5KG, which is 12 stone and 11 pounds. That gives me a BMI of 25.7, which is into the overweight range (25-29.9).

And to think I used to be a skinny bastard! Before 2006, I used to weight between 11 and 12 stones, which is reasonable healthy for someone my height1 but then I went to university and it was all downhill from there. I stopped regularly riding my bike, which I think was the main factor in my weight gain. I also started to eat less healthily, as students do, living on pizza, pasta and curry.

And now the fact that I’m working in London all week has compounded the issue, as I spend twelve hours a day sitting on my arse, eight of them in front of a computer monitor and four of them on a coach. I get up at 05:30, have a reasonably large breakfast, get to work at 08:15-08:45, then eat nothing until 12:00 when I get lunch. Lunch is the killer here, the staff canteen can server very large portions of very unhealthy food. I once had a half roast chicken! Then after lunch I usually have a snack, maybe a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar, until 16:10 when I start the commute back home, usually arriving home around 18:30 if the traffic is OK.

This ballooned my weight from the mid 75KG to 81.5KG in under six months, so imagine how fat I would be in another six months if I kept this up! So I’ve decided to do something about this. For breakfast, I’m only going to have yoghurt and a piece of fruit, either orange or banana. Maybe if I’m feeling peckish I’ll have some toast and honey instead.  Then I’ll get into work and go to the gym2 for about an hour until 09:30. Then at lunch I’ll either go down to Boots and grab a healthy sandwich or something decent from the canteen if they have it (no more fatty foods from there!). Then after lunch I’ll switch the snacking from chocolate and crisps to bananas and oranges.

My dinner is pretty healthy anyway so I’m going to leave that alone for now, but I’m going to start taking the stairs at work instead of the lift, and stop eating all junk food when I’m out. This means no more KFCs, no more McDonalds and no more TGI Fridays.

The target is eleven and a half stone, and the date set is June. Wish me luck!

  1. Which has been a steady 178cm or 5 foot 11 inches for many years.
  2. For which I’ll have to get a proper schedule organised, although I found this little gem from Nike which is good enough to start with for jogging.
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