MacWorld Expo 2007 predictions

For what it’s worth, here’s my predictions of what will be announced today at the MacWorld Expo 2007. Note that my last prediction turned out to be wrong.

  • iPod Mobile (or iPhone). Considering the number of rumours going around blogs and even respected mainstream press, there is a high likelihood of an iPod Nano style device with a phone built into it. This is the main one of personal interest to me, as I’m due for a phone upgrade in March and this would be my top choice, it if exists of course.
  • 12″ MacBook Pro. There’s a gap waiting to be filled, and filled it shall be.
  • New interface for OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and release date. We’ll get something similar to the new iTunes 7 interface (either that or a new version of iTunes will be released with the new interface style), and a release date before that of Vista.
  • iLife ’07. This has been an annual recurring theme and I don’t see why they’d stop it now. Expect iPhoto performance enhancements. Should be available for purchase immediately or when Leopard ships.
  • iWork ’07. Will include a new spreadsheet product, perhaps called iChart. Also available immediately or when Leopard ships.
  • Dual quad processor Mac Pro, perhaps Mac Pro Octo. Now that Intel have quad processor Xeons, I don’t see why Apple wouldn’t want to sell the Mac Pro in an 8-way configuration. Especially seeing as its already been proven to work without any modifications to a Mac Pro Quad.
  • New displays with iSights built-in. With the separate iSight camera being discontinued for months and no successor in sight1 new iSights will appear in all of Apples new Cinema Displays. Hopefully a price drop that brings them closer to what Dell charges for the same panel too.
  • Adobe CS3 demonstration. I expect to see demos of the recently released Photoshop CS 3 Beta, and perhaps other Adobe CS3 applications. Might also announce a release date for CS3.
  • Mention of iTV. I don’t think Apple have the iTV ready for sale, but they’ll provide an update and maybe demonstration of a prototype.

  1. Pun not intended.
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