Nikon D3 announced

Jim Seaholm has posted on the forums that he attended a Nikon sales rep seminar where the D3 was announced:

Full Frame (no 1.1 crap) – DX mode at 1.5x – High Speed Crop – VERY fast motor drive (can’t remember the number he quoted, but when he fired it, it sounded at least as fast as my F5 on CH. – 18.7 MB – MSRP $7999 – No H and X models anymore, just the one D3.

The camera was fitted with another new release: an undisguised 50mm 1.2G AF-S lens, which looked to be quite large and sturdy. Also mentioned but not present was a 24-120 2.8G AF-S. The rep said no new DX lenses were forthcoming in the near future.

Pictures and full specifications are to be announced on Monday, so more to follow then.