Monthly Archives: April 2007

Earthquake shakes parts of Kent

An earthquake with at least a magnatude of 4.3 struck Kent last night at around 8PM. Although it was said the tremours were felt as far as Essex and Sussex, I didn’t feel a thing!

OS X tab style inconsistancy

Two new OS X applications were released today, CSSEdit and Coda. With them comes two new and different styles of tabs.

Coda: codatabs.png

CSSEdit: cssedittabs.png

Coda takes a Camino—style approach to tab design, while CSSEdit’s is more Safari. I prefer CSSEdit’s personally, it’s clearer which tab is selected and it does it with less visual elements (or visual clutter). But there’s no reason why OS X should have so many different styles of tabs for documents. It’s one of the last few user interface widgets1 that has yet to be standardised, but one that is becoming increasingly popular.

Hopefully Leopard will feature a default tab widget for Cocoa that most people will adopt to use in their applications, and hopefully it’ll look something like CSSEdit’s elegant implementation.

  1. In the sense of user interface elements such as buttons and tick—boxes, not OS X’s Widgets.

Panic Coda 1.0

Best described by Panic themselves, and by checking out the site.

Text editor + Transmit + CSS editor + Terminal + Books + More = Whoah.

Boris Yeltsin dies

The former Russian president Boris Yeltsin has died.

Google Reader theme

Jon Hicks strikes again with an OS X application style design for Google Reader that you can actually use. Very nice.

Terratec Aureon Vista drivers

Terratec releases beta audio drivers for it’s popular Aureon range of sound cards.

No One Belongs Here More Than You

The most gripping and enjoyable website I’ve read in a long time:

OK, here I go. I’m going to make this whole website right now on this dry erase—board.

Film review: 300

300 scene

This has to be one of the most engaging and dynamic movies I’ve seen for a long time at the cinema. Gerard Butler makes a convincing and very powerful King Leonidas, not only with his physical presence but also with his body language and thundering voice.

The battle scenes were brilliantly shot. They reminded me of the long three minute fight scene in Old Boy, beautifully choreographed, elegant and powerful. Some would say it was too bloody, but the gore adds to the realism and creates a marvellous visual sceptical. Unlike in The Matrix: Reloaded, I just wanted the long battle scenes to keep on going.

Although I already knew the outcome of the ending, it didn’t spoil it one bit. There are some cheeky moments which break the tension very well, making this a very well balanced movie.

I highly recommend you watching this movie.

Rating: 4.5/5

Twitterlicious 1.1.4

Another day, another Twitterlicious release. This one fixes the upgrade problems (it now uninstalls the previous version), introduces a new welcome screen that makes setting up Twitterlicious easier, and a bug found by Anna Creech in the XML parsing.

You may notice even if you have used Twitterlicious before you get the new user welcome screen. Unfortunatly this was unavoidable and you’ll need to enter your details in again.

Twitterlicious 1.1.3

A slight update to fix a time bug in 1.1.2. Please remember to uninstall the previous version before installing the new version.

Twitterlicious 1.1.2

Another new version of Twitterlicous, this time to support some API changes to improve the speed of Twitter. Download from the regular place.

EMI + iTunes Store is DRM free

EMI and Apple have officially announced that all of EMI’s music that it sells on the iTunes Store will be DRM-free at the slightly inflated price of $1.29, up from $0.99 (no UK pricing announced yet). However high-fidelity fans will appreciate the bump upto 256kbps for the AAC formatted music, up from 128kbps, and will galdly pay the price hike just for the increased quality.

WSJ: EMI to Sell Music Without Anticopying Software

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Monday’s big media event with Steve Jobs and EMI will be about selling significant amounts of EMI’s catalogue that’s sold through Apple iTunes Store without DRM.

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