Twitterlicious 2.0

Its been a long road, taking almost six months of on-and-off work to complete, but now I feel comfortable in releasing the full release of Twitterlicious 2.0. No more betas or release candidates, this is the real deal!

Download Twitterlicious 2.0 final.

A brief recap about Twitterlicious:

Twitterlicious is a small app that makes using Twitter more fun. It handles all the hard work, leaving you to read and write tweets with the minimum fuss. Best of all, Twitterlicious is free!

Twitterlicious 2.0

Compare to how Twitterlicious 1.2 looked.

A big thanks to all the beta testers for all your feedback, you’ve made Twitterlicious into what it is today and its better for it. If I were more organised, I would have a list of all your name, but I think you all know who you are.

Make sure you subscribe to the feed (or a feed for posts only about Twitterlicious), but it would be nice to keep you as a regular reader on Ejecutive.)”: to keep up to date with developments with Twitterlicious and other projects, you can also follow me on Twitter.

After such a long time working on one side project, its left me a little jaded with Twitterlicious, so for now its just going to be minor features and bug fixes (keep those reports and requests coming in). I’m going to focus my attention on going back to my final year of university and some other side projects I have going. I’ve also neglected Ejecutive recently with the frequency of posts, and I have a plan to fix that too, and maybe spruce up the archives a little.

But don’t think for a second that Twitterlicious is dead, I’ve started to look at learning Windows Presentation Foundation, and Twitterlicious seems an ideal candidate to experiment with. So the future is bright.

Change Log

The major changes since Twitterlicious 1.2:

  • Each tweet is now shown in its entirety in the list instead of just showing the selected tweet at the top.
  • The read status of each individual tweet is remembered and displayed, even after you close the app!
  • You can follow people who’ve replied to you and direct messages, as well as the standard friends timeline.
  • Each tweet list is capable of holding the past 50 tweets.
  • You now get automatically notified if there is an update to Twitterlicious.
  • The update text box is resizable and multiline, as is the whole app window.
  • Support for authenticated proxy servers — for the people who are using Twitterlicious on work time!
  • Nifty context menus (right click) in the tweet lists.
  • Tweets now show up as from Twitterlicious on (example).
  • A bunch of shortcuts:
    • Ctrl + W: minimise the Twitterlicious main window.
    • Ctrl + R: manually refresh the lists.
    • Ctrl + K: mark all tweets in the current list as read.
    • Ctrl + Return: send update (same as clicking “Go”).
    • Ctrl + L: opens the link in the selected tweet in a browser window.
    • Ctrl + U: marks the current selected tweet as unread.
    • Ctrl + D: sends a direct text to the selected tweet’s user.
    • Ctrl + E: replys to the selected tweet (@username).
    • Ctrl + B: view the selected tweet in the browser.
    • Ctrl + T: view the selected tweet’s user’s website.

Changes since Twitterlicious 2.0 RC1:

  • Faster and more reliable connection to Twitter.
  • Option to improve friends list update speed by reducing the frequency of the replies and direct message updates.
  • Option to hide Twitterlicious from the Windows taskbar.
  • Option to hide the direct messages list (improves speed).
  • Spanking new about box.
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