Leopard Initial Impressions

These are my initial impressions of Leopard final build running on my MacBook Core Duo 2GHz with 2GB of RAM.

  • The new WLAN menu is a big improvement. It now scans for networks asynchronously, so you don’t have the agonising three second hang when you click on it.

  • Apple Mail loads up instantly. I like how it separates IMAP folders from local ones and the new Reminders list.

  • The Installer took a few minutes to find my current Panther partition.

  • iCal now shows location of events in the calendar view. Hoorar!

  • Spaces is very slick, and works well with my dual monitor arrangement.

  • Drop-down-menus seem more responsive, I don’t know if this is because they’re actually more responsive, or Apple have just reduced the default lag.

  • Safari 3.0.4 still slows down a lot, lots of spinning beach balls. Not had it crash yet though.

  • The Network preference pane now displays all the main options in one window instead of multiple tabs and dialogs.

  • Dark icons look terrible on dock if its docked at the side of the screens (example). I’m please that they’ve replaced the appearance of the side dock, it looked quite silly before.

  • Finder

    • Cover Flow can do quick and dirty previews of my NEFs, but doesn’t seem to even want to try with my D80 JPEGs.

    • Quick View of NEFs, PSD and TIFFs from Lightroom and Photoshop work really well. Trying it with a D80 JPEG just crashes Finder.

    • Its now much quicker at opening network drives and computers, and there is no more hanging.

    • Overall the Finder has had a big upgrade, however the lack of tabs means I’ll still be going back to Path Finder.

    • Exposé is now an app that resides in you Applications folder, as is System Preferences.

    • Contrary to other reports, I don’t notice any speed improvements in the iWork or iLife apps.

Compatibility with Third Party Applications

  • Photoshop CS3 seems to work fine, as does Lightroom 1.2.

  • Whoever said VMWare Fusion doesn’t work on Leopard obviously hasn’t tried it.

  • Skype works fine, thank god.

  • EyeTV still works.

  • Path Finder has some issues, Show Desktop now hides the Path Finder dock and reviles an empty Finder dock.

  • Quicksilver is now always resides on the dock whether you tell it to or not.

  • 1Passwd doesn’t work — its icon has disappeared from Safari and Camino. Update: But the newest 2.5 beta version called 1Password does work.

  • Last.fm app acts up a bit, seems to open itself with every new track played on iTunes.

  • Adium’s tabs now don’t match the window colour, but everything else works fine.

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