Facebook Giveth With One Hand, Taketh With Another

Facebook has ironically caved into all the social pressure from disgruntled users and removed the ‘is’ they force on status updates. Before, you had to follow the not so flexible “[name] is…” format, and with just a few exceptions, only verbs could really follow on after that. Now, you can put anything you like after your name, “[name] loves boys” being the current most popular choice for those who have a weak password.

Getting rid of that ‘is’ was like lifting the shackles off a straight jacket (err, don’t ask how I can make that comparison), you’re now open to the wonderful world that is using adjectives without making something so grammatically laughable that even a pig would snort at it.

So, what has Twitter got to offer now eh? Why bother with this medieval farm boy’s choice of status update tool now that Facebook has set it’s statuses free? Eh well, for one thing people have to be registered on Facebook to be able to track your statuses, there is no RSS feed, although there is an API with a few apps written to update you, they pale in comparison to the apps written for Twitter. And as soon as they removed one limitation, it’s immediately replaced by another by forcing you to start every update with your name.

I can see why they would want to keep those status updates in check by forcing you to make them about yourselves, but then it also removes all the community that you get from Twitter. With Twitter, people are supposed to react to tweets by posting their own tweets, sometimes as a direct response. Tweets are more than just a status update; they’re a conversion, a discussion, or even just spouting of random filth like how the slightly and twitchy sadistic kid at school used to. It allows you to do something that is socially unacceptable: to utter random thoughts that fly into your head and bitch about things no one else cares about. And while some of Facebook statuses carry the same sense of randomness, the majority fall into the toilet bowl that is repetitive boredom.

That is why I use Twitter.

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