PwnageTool Unlocks iPhone 2.0

If you’ve been using an original, unlocked iPhone with a SIM from an “unofficial” provider, then you haven’t been able to upgrade to the new 2.0 firmware because, well, it would lock your phone. You’ve had to sit by twiddling with the old 1.1.4 firmware while been reading reviews of the fantastic new applications and all the new things you can do with them.

The new firmware has been out for over a week now without a released unlock tool, although videos of a proof of concept unlock have been floating around the internet.

This week, the iphone-dev team finally released their long anticipated PwnageTool that’s capable of unlocking the original iPhone with 2.0 firmware. Infact it’s quite clever in that it takes the official firmware, and transforms it into a jailbroken and unlocked version that you restore with iTunes!

The process is pretty straightforward, but still not without pitfalls which could be hard to dig yourself out, so I’ve made some notes of problems I’ve had during the unlock, so you don’t have to:

  • You’ll need three other files along with PwnageTool to unlock your phone, the two bootloaders and the original firmware. PwnageTool should be able to find those automatically after you download them.
  • If Safari extracts the original firmware to a folder, drag the iPhone1, file from the trash to your desktop and remove the .zip from the end of the filename.
  • PwnageTool might fail when it tries to enter DFU mode (also known as recovery mode). Don’t worry, manually put your phone in recovery mode by having the iPhone plugged into your computer, holding the home and power button for seven seconds, and then releasing the power button (but still holding the home button) and wait for iTunes to report that your iPhone is in recovery mode.
  • I would use Expert mode to stop PwnageTool from replacing the Apple boot logo with their stupid pineapple.
  • To restore your cracked firmware, hold alt/option when clicking the Restore button (shift in Windows) and then you can browse to the file you want.

PwnageTool is for Mac users only, but if you look hard enough, you can find a pre-cracked firmware that you can just restore with iTunes on Windows.

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