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Twitterlicious 2.3.2

A minor update to the 2.3 branch of Twitterlicious fixes the Twitpocalypse bug and a security issue. If you have Twitterlicious 2.3 or above, it will automatically update. Otherwise get it from the usual place. Stay tuned for some major new features.

Left 4 Dead: Left 2 Die

Valve’s games are known for their long shelf lives. Just look at the number of people playing the original Counter-Strike 1.6, and the number of free updates which has kept Team Fortress 2 very popular since it’s release in October 2007. Left 4 Dead was released in November 2008 to widespread acclaim from gamers. It […]

Should We Block Child Porn Sites?

There’s been a lot of commotion in the past week over a small minority of ISPs in the UK not blocking a blacklist of child pronography websites supplied by the Internet Watch Foundation. The NSPCC and Children’s Charities Coalition on Internet Safety (CCCIS) have expressed their “serious concerns” that up to 700,000 UK homes are […]

Cause of Zune Leap Year Bug

Someone on Zuneboards has found the actual snippet of code that’s causing the recent Zune crashes: year = ORIGINYEAR; /* = 1980 */ while (days > 365) { if (IsLeapYear(year)) { if (days > 366) { days -= 366; year += 1; } } else { days -= 365; year += 1; } } The […]

Twitterlicious 2.3

Happy holidays to everyone, this is my belated present to you all: Twitterlicious 2.3. I know you’ve all been experiencing problems with using Twitterlicious recently due to a breaking API change. I was originally going to release a Microsoft style hotfix which just fixed that issue in the current version, but I couldn’t resist bundling […]

417 Expect Header Issue With Twitterlicious

If you’re getting this error with Twitterlicious: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (417) Expectation Failed. You are experiencing a new regression bug with the Twitter API has affected all .NET Twitter clients, including Twitterlicious. Twitterlicious seems to be less affected than other clients: it can still get your main timeline but you can’t […]

Fuji S5 Pro Review

I know I’m a bit late to the game here, but I bought a Fujifilm Finepix S5 Pro a few months ago and it has really paid off. So why would I buy a three-year-old previous generation camera, when there are so many more modern alternatives around? I think the picture quality of the S5 […]

It Must Be Microsoft’s Fault

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols unleashes a scathing attack on Microsoft following the outage suffered by the London Stock Exchange: It should have been a great day on the London Stock Exchange. It was, the traders got to watch funny videos on YouTube all day instead of working. Later the LSE gave the vague explanation, that “It […]

Twitterlicious 2.2

Eight months ago, Twitterlicious 2.1 was released. Since then, I’ve just not had the time to fix some critical bugs that have been bugging me and every other Twitterlicious user out there! This new 2.2 release aims to fix the two major outstanding bugs: Twitterlicious is sometimes (for no apparent reason) starts to timeout every […]

Pressing Enter Doesn’t Submit Form in ASP .NET

I encountered a strange bug today while working on a login page in .NET. This page differed from your run-of-the-mill login page by having the user select their username and then enter their password, so only had one text field on the page. The bug meant that when the user pressed enter after typing in […]

NetShare Added Then Removed

Nullriver released their NetShare application onto the iTunes App Store last night, only to have it removed only a few hours later. It’s surprising that this app was approved in the first place, since AT&T typically charge an extra $30 per month to allow tethering use in the US. Upon investigating the terms set out […]

PwnageTool Unlocks iPhone 2.0

If you’ve been using an original, unlocked iPhone with a SIM from an “unofficial” provider, then you haven’t been able to upgrade to the new 2.0 firmware because, well, it would lock your phone. You’ve had to sit by twiddling with the old 1.1.4 firmware while been reading reviews of the fantastic new applications and […]

Demystifying Squash Equipment

When I first took up squash, getting the right advice for equipment is very hard if you don’t have someone knowledgeable to talk to. This is especially the case if you’re not a member of a club. I’ll attempt to demystify the options and choices in buying squash gear, listing what I think is the […]

Grand Theft Auto Flawed

Grand Theft Auto IV has had the most positive critical acclaim of any game ever made. And deservedly so, it offers one of the most immersive single player experience any game has every had, as well as brilliantly fun multiplayer. But in the uncompromising praise that has been lavished on the game, many of the […]

Essentials 2007

Last year, I wrote about software I used regularly for work or for fun, my Essentials. Since then I’ve moved over from half-Mac-half-PC user to a full fledged member of the Mac society, but I still use a virtual Windows install for some of my work. Here are my essentials in 2007, in no particular […]

My Year, 2007

My Year in Photographs My most memorable photograph was this cityscape taken in Tokyo. The smog and buildings, especially the tall chimneys, reminds me of the opening shots of Blade Runner. Following on with the Japan theme, this is a photograph of a temple in the historic town of Nikko, which we visited on a […]

Facebook Giveth With One Hand, Taketh With Another

Facebook has ironically caved into all the social pressure from disgruntled users and removed the ‘is’ they force on status updates. Before, you had to follow the not so flexible “[name] is…” format, and with just a few exceptions, only verbs could really follow on after that. Now, you can put anything you like after […]

Twitterlicious 2.1

After a two month absence of Twitterlicious updates, I’ve decided to change the way the UI work and get rid of the needless tabs for replies and direct messages. Now, everything is in one list, and any replies or direct messages are highlighted accordingly — blue for replies, and brown for direct messages. Some people […]

Style Over Substance

Stephen Fry now has a technology column with The Guardian, following on from the style of his blog which I linked to. He talks about the value of style and substance in a digital device: What do I think is the point of a digital device? Is it all about function? Or am I a […]

Leopard Initial Impressions

These are my initial impressions of Leopard final build running on my MacBook Core Duo 2GHz with 2GB of RAM. The new WLAN menu is a big improvement. It now scans for networks asynchronously, so you don’t have the agonising three second hang when you click on it. Apple Mail loads up instantly. I like […]

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