Top Gear’s Stig Revealed!

The second Stig from Top Gear has been revealed to be former racing driver and professional stunt driver Ben Collins.

The Simpsons Movie References

See the movie references from The Simpsons, still by still. As Pablo Picasso said: “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

The IT Crowd

Channel 4’s comedy series IT Crowd, about three people working in a typical IT department, is coming back for a second series, starting on August 24th. I can’t wait.

Star Wars: Clone Wars sneak peak

A trailer for the new animated TV series. Looks expensive.

Six myths about plasma TVs

You’ll often hear a lot of FUD on the internet, but one of the biggest culprits has to be the on-going plasma vs. LCD debate. The majority of the negative points about plasma are just not true, and someone is going to have to debunk them, so here are the six most common myths about plasma TV’s, debunked.

  1. Short TV lifespan. You’ll often hear people saying that plasma TVs last a lot shorter than LCD and CRT based TVs. This is a complete myth. The majority of modern plasma panels now boast a 60,000 hour half life1 which if you work it out, is nearly 14 years of watching the TV 12 hours a day, or almost 28 years if you watch the TV six hours a day. I don’t think the majority of people will keep their TV for 14, let alone 28 years.
  2. Plasmas suffer screen burn. This may be the case if you leave your plasma panel on 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the same TV channel or game. But again, current generation panels do not suffer from screen burn nearly as much as they used to2 and I happily watch BBC News 24 and other such channels with static content without problems.
  3. LCDs are sharper. While technically true as LCD pixels are more clearly defined than plasma ones, you can only notice if you stand less than a metre away from the TV. At a true viewing distance, there is no distinguishable difference between an LCD and plasma with the same resolution.
  4. LCDs have better colour. LCDs are possibly the weakest technology when it comes to colour reproduction. They have a small colour gamut, smallest out of all the current screen technologies3 and also one of the poorest black reproduction (black looking grey). Currently one of the best technologies for colour fidelity and accuracy is plasma.
  5. Plasma technology can’t bulid as big panels as LCD. Panasonic make an 108-inch plasma panel. While it’s prohibitively expensive at $69,999.95, it does show the potential of the technology.
  6. You can’t get a full HD plasma. Pioneer, Panasonic, Hitachi and Fujitsu now offer full 1080p plasma panels.

  1. Time taken for the screen to reach half it’s initial brightness
  2. As long as you follow the appropriate burn-in procedure when you first get the panel
  3. Including CRT, OLED, LED projection and plasma.

UK advert archive on YouTube

A guy has started to post all the adverts he recorded on UK TV between 1987 and 1995.

The Hamster’s back

Top Gear is set to return to BBC2 on January 28 at 8PM, with Richard “The Hamster” Hammond! He’s had a remarkably quick recovery after his 300 mph accident with a dragster under three months ago.

Who wants to be a cognitive neuroscience millionaire?

A contestant on the US edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire manages to win $500,000 purely by using his knowledge of cognitive neuroscience.

The Simpsons on Tracey Ullman

You can now watch all fourty eight episodes of The Simpsons from the Tracey Ullman Show, of which lead to the The Simpsons getting their own show way back in 1989.

(Via jarkolicious.)

Film4 on FreeView

Film4 is going to become the UK’s first free-to-air film channel tonight at 9PM, starting off with the excellent Lost In Translation, which was my movie of the year 2003.

If you have FreeView, I highly recommend it, the film and the channel.

24 has landed

After all the waiting, it’s finally here, and again nothing else matters.

Of course, I’m referring to 24 series five which aired last night in the US. Strap yourselves in for another twenty four hours (eighteen hours excluding adverts) of pure adrenaline. Yeah!

Not Top of the Pops anymore

If you followed anything remotely related to British popular music culture, then you know of Top of the Pops. Even five years ago, it was the de-facto program to springboard your new release. They had the biggest stars in the world appear on it, and it was seen as a great honor.

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Even though it first aired in 2004, I hadn’t even heard of Wonderfalls until just a few weeks back. I was browsing around the Radio Times website, when I saw it as recommended viewing on Sky One. Seeing as I don’t have Sky One anymore, my only option was to either buy Sky One again, or buy the DVD boxset.

You probably would’ve thought me as crazy for buying a $30/£20 DVD boxset without seeing the show, or even knowing much about it, but I did. With some rather poor shows from the US, I should’ve been skeptical about this, but I just wasn’t. Something about this show just caught my attention, like many recent US comedys/dramas such as 24, Nip/Tuck, Enterprise etcetera have just shown me that drama and comedies are still very strong in the US.

My expectations for this show we’re pretty low actually. I had really no idea what it was about apart from that it was based around Niagra Falls. What greeted me on the first episode was not so much an episode introducing the characters, themes and plots, but rather forcing them onto me by witty dialog, an ironic and sarcastic Jaye played by Caroline Dhavernas and a rather qwerky plotline. You’ll quickly get engrossed on this plotline, which has just enough tension and twists to keep you interested, but still leaves room for the free, fluid and airy nature of the show.

I’ll leave the reviews to the people on IMDB and who are much better at it then I am, however I do encourage you to watch this show first before reading the reviews as there will be some spoilers out there.

But I’ll once again plug the DVD boxset of this show, or encourage you to watch it on Sky One. This is your one chance to catch this, as Fox decided to cancel this excellent show. It’ll become clear why they did in episode four, exorcisms, the Devil and God all play a part in this episode, which is why the narrow minded and right-wing executives of Fox Television decided to cancel probably the one truely original show this year. But it does not aim to offend and any intelligent person would not be offended by it.

I’d like to note that I refrained from making any puns of the shows title throughout this post.

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